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Stylish Skins for Sims2
A. Detailed Instructions-How To Download Files for SIMS2 (Sims3 see below)

1. All files on this site are in "zip"format. You will need a program such as "WinZip" ( or "WinRar" ( You can download free trials of both of these programs. The file that you need to install in your "Downloads" folder is inside the zip file and you must "unzip" it. Read the Help files that come with these program and learn how to use them to "unzip" your file.

2. I suggest that you download a file to your "Desktop" and unzip it to your "Desktop" so that you can see and find the file that is inside. The "skin" (texture) file looks something like "5f5c6dbd_FAprairieskirt.package".This is the file that must go into your "DOWNLOADS" folder. Your DOWNLOADS folder is located in MyDocuments>EAgames>TheSims2>Downloads.

3. Once you have identified the proper file on your "Desktop" your "Downloads" folder, make the window smaller and slide (drag) the correct file into your "Downloads" folder. The item will then show up in Bodyshop and in your game.

4. EXCEPTION: Files With New "Meshes"----There are many new "meshes" available that have been created by users in the Sims Community. The "skins" (textures) will not show up in your game unless the mesh file also finds its way to your "Downloads" folder. On my site I have included the "mesh" file in the zip file and I tell you this. A "mesh" file usually looks something like "MESH_Shannara_wideskirt.package". This file plus the "skin" (texture) file mentioned above must both go into your "Downloads" folder for the "skin" (texture) to show up in Bodyshop and your game.

5.Once that you have extracted the files from the "zip" you may discard the zip file as it is no longer needed.

B. Methods For Using Maternity Clothing in Theme Section (Sims2)

1. Method 1.....You can use Squinge's Hack "Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit" which is downloadable: here ..... Download the version compatible with the EP's that you have installed. Although there have been no updates to this for Bon Voyage or Freetime many report they are using it successfully...Have your Sims buy the maternity clothes shown in the Maternity Theme section. At home use a "Maxis" default original dresser to "plan outfit. The outfit that you downloaded will appear in the proper categories. Then change your Sim into the selected outfit.

UPDATE: Squinge has returned to the Insimenator Staff and has updated this hack for "Apartment Life". You can download it: here

1. Method 2.....Using InSimenator...As I am unfamiliar with this program I am quoting from a great tutorial created by Sims2Cri downloadable: here ..... "Using the InSimenator our clothes can work as real maternity outfits. Just download the InSimenator, from the version SIM 2.5 up, downloadable: here ..... When you are in the lot of your pregnant Sim click on the ground, then "Spawn.../Wardrobe Adjustor.../Buy New Outfit../Maternity. You can buy clothes choosing from the ones you have that were meant to be maternity.

After you have bought them select "Plan Outfit../Maternity". Finally, select "Change To Maternity""

All maternity clothing in the All About Style Maternity Theme have now been recoded for use with InSimenator.

For Teen Pregnancy you must use Teen Insimenator which can be downloaded: here

3. As with all hacks and utility programs use at your own risk and back up your game periodically.

C. Detailed Instructions-How To Download ".package" Files For SIMS3

1. First, you will need a program that can extract from both ZIP and RAR files. You can download winRAR and use it for free for a period of 45 days and after that you can continue to use it for will just nag you to pay for it. Download the installer and run it.

2. Some custom content is in .package format,(like Sims2) but you can't just put them in your downloads folder....that just doesn't work. You will have to get a special file to enable the game to read custom content, and put the content in a special place....The easy way is to download, install and run the Framework Installer by Delphy from ModTheSims3. download here This tool will set up your game so you can use custom content .package files for the Sims3. Once set up, continue to read further in the above link as where to place the package file.

For additional help with all kinds of Sims3 files you might want to review the information at the Sims3wiki here
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